Fashion Journalism

Fashion journalists document, record and report on the latest trends, looks, and news out of the fashion world.They travel the world covering the leading fashion shows in Paris, New York, Milan, and Tokyo. They note the latest looks on celebrities and fashion icons. They work hard in an incredibly glamorous field, and are the envy of fashionistas everywhere. Luckily, there are a variety of positions in fashion journalism, so people with all talents can find a niche.

Photographers and Photojournalists

For those with an eye for fashion and photo composition, there are a variety of visual jobs in the fashion journalism field. Photographers and photojournalists are needed to record the very visual medium of fashion. Photojournalists are set apart from the photographers in fashion studios who carefully compose and frame each shot. Instead, photojournalists capture fashion as it happens. They are the ones who photograph the runways, capture noteworthy and fashionable expressions on the streets, and record what the latest celebrities are wearing. They have an eye for detail and can do wide crowd shots as easily as they can photograph a particular piece of jewelry on a runway model.

Print Journalists

Print journalists are the writers and editors that work for glossy magazines and newspapers. They work long hard hours, travelling around the world to cover fashion events in person. They spend hours in research and know the history of fashion better than anyone. They also work with a number of incredibly demanding clients, helping designers get their visions out to the world and working to satisfy their insatiable readers. Print journalists must be exceptional writers with a unique voice and take on the fashion industry. They must also know how to anticipate trends and back their opinions up with research and facts.

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Digital Journalists

Digital media is the newest and fastest growing domain for fashion journalism. With more and more individuals getting their information and news in real time on the internet, digital fashion journalists are working hard to keep up with the demand. Unlike print journalists, most digital journalists are self-employed or work freelance. They post their research and opinions and even photos up on personal blogs, tweets, and even Facebook. They may not have the same editorial demands as print journalists, but they sometimes work even harder to churn out as much information as possible. Digital journalists work full time and post information every single day to keep their audiences satisfied.

Corporate Journalists

Corporate journalists are the public relations specialists of the fashion world. They work on behalf of a designer, a label, or a magazine to provide the information on which other fashion journalists survive. They issue statements, hold press conferences, and disseminate the most flattering photos to keep their clients looking good. They may be commissioned to photograph certain celebrities in their clients’ latest designs, or they may release stories of the label’s latest fashion show. In short, they work to make their clients look good.

Any job in fashion journalism will be incredibly demanding, fast-paced, and may not pay as well as one might hope. On the other hand, such jobs give away free samples, allow for world travel, and provide access to one of the most glamorous industries. Such tradeoffs have kept careers in fashion in high demand and will continue to fuel fantasies of fashionistas the world over.

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